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The international property market is flourishing, and now is a better time to invest in real estate than ever before. This shift in perspective comes with many benefits that savvy investors increasingly recognize. So, buying property overseas could be the answer if you want income flow while accumulating actual, long-term wealth. The question is, where is the best place to buy property abroad? Whether you’re looking to make your first purchase abroad or grow your present foreign property holdings, there’s one appealing destination where you should focus your attention and money. 

Did you know that there is a part of Europe that has yet to be found? The Balkans, notably the tiny, relatively new nation of Montenegro, is the undiscovered hotspot of emerging as the best place to buy property abroad and should be at the top of your radar.

Benefits of Owning Property Overseas

Investing in property overseas allows you to tap into burgeoning markets experiencing rapid economic growth. Emerging markets, like Montenegro real estate, offer attractive opportunities for capital appreciation and rental yields. Being part of these growth stories can lead to substantial earnings on investment over the long term. These are returns you would never get if you deposited your money in a bank and that you couldn’t bet on if you put it in the markets.

Purchasing property in another nation can mean living a superior lifestyle supported by passive income, equaling regular payments in your bank account. It can mean opening the doors to the mysterious, owning your own second home or holiday getaway in some enticing unexplored corner of the continent. Now, let’s discover the best place to buy property abroad. 

Why is Montenegro the Best Place to Buy Property Abroad?

Unrivalled Beauty

The ultra-wealthy consider this place a yachting paradise, with breathtaking fjords and a clean landscape overlooking the same stretch of the ocean as Italy, and it’s just as beautiful as the Cote d’Azur. The only thing holding this coastal paradise back is that it has yet to be found. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be in the top 1% to be able to break into the market and be in the best place to buy property abroad. 

Emerging Market 

You have the opportunity to enter the emerging market of Montenegro real estate and benefit as its economy climbs to the level of other major European tourist coastlines, such as the French or Italian Riviera. The bad news for tourists—but good news for investors—is that short-term accommodation is difficult to come by. That means that when you invest in apartments in Montenegro, you can be sure to get an attractive passive income if you choose to rent. Another benefit to sweeten the deal is that you can obtain residency by purchasing a property, regardless of its worth. 

Montenegro’s Impending EU Accession

Montenegro has adopted the euro and plans to join the European Union within the next two years. As a result, your Montenegrin residency could eventually lead to your desired EU residency. In the interim, you can enjoy decreased European bureaucracy and lower living costs. 

Montenegro currently lacks accommodation options to appeal to most travelers. But you can get in early on a fantastic development just a few minutes from Kotor Old Town that will fill the void.

The Pinnacle of International Luxury Real Estate

So, we have found the destination for the best place to buy property abroad, but what about the best property? The golden rule is location, and we have the perfect spot just 12 minutes from a private harbor, with gourmet restaurants and luxury shopping set in a breathtaking site. Welcome to the spectacular project at Royal Town Kotor

These serviced apartments for sale in Kotor will have views of the beautiful Adriatic Sea to the front and mountains to the back and are at the height of international luxury real estate. Enjoy lavish amenities like an infinity pool, on-site wellness facilities, access to a private beach club, and 24-hour security. There is even a management firm to handle everything for you if you desire.

Whether you are searching for a superb location, a foreign break, or a hassle-free income, this project shines out as the best place to buy property abroad. You are within a few minutes from high-end Porto Montenegro as well as the culture, food and wine, friendly people, and more relaxed lifestyle of Old Town Kotor. Plus, you can enjoy the convenience of an international airport on your doorstep.

What’s the Deal?

  • Simple and budget-friendly payment arrangement.
  • If you rent out your Royal Town Kotor apartment when you’re not there, it will pay for itself and then some, giving you a 9% ROI in continuous passive income.

You can trust the developers of Royal Town Kotor, as this is the third project we have brought to Montenegro. Royal Blue Montenegro was our first innovative addition to the Montenegrin landscape, followed by our exclusive private beach club Royal Blue Beach

Apartments in Montenegro For Digital Nomads

Get in before Word Gets Out

There is no doubt that Montenegro is emerging as one of the best foreign countries to buy property. As the world becomes more interconnected, the opportunities arising from international property investment will continue growing, offering investors a path to financial prosperity and global citizenship. So now you have discovered the best place to buy property abroad, what are you waiting for? Contact our team to discuss your options for investing in our Kotor apartments for sale. 

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