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Montenegro is arguably the best luxury travel destination in Europe, with one of the fastest growth rates on the continent. The Balkan republic has rebuilt itself as a must-see location for wealthy tourists seeking an unspoiled vacation thanks to the endless list of interesting facts about Montenegro. In spite of the country’s modest size, tourism is increasing as jet-setters, celebrities, and affluent travelers fall in love with its unspoiled beauty.

At Royal Town Kotor, we are deeply passionate about all things Montenegro. We substantially contributed to Montenegro’s tourism industry when we completed our upscale serviced apartments project at Royal Blue Montenegro. Our second major accomplishment in enhancing tourism in the area was establishing our gorgeous beach club- Royal Blue Beach. But we are not done yet! Our new project Royal Town Kotor is set to be the first luxury serviced apartment development in Kotor. It brings welcome opportunities for foreigners to invest in Montenegro and global travelers to visit Montenegro and discover the most interesting facts about Montenegro for themselves.

Interesting Facts About Montenegro: Incredible Nature

Montenegro has unusual rivers.

  • River Gurdic is a river without a riverbed, making it one of the strangest rivers in the world. It is situated on the southern side of Kotor’s Old Town. Rainy days cause it to boil from the cave’s mouth and push the water back into the cave. As a result, the river vanishes in the Lovcen abysses throughout the summer, and seawater fills the void once more.
  • The striking Bojana river, which is 41 kilometers long, is among the most stunning rivers in Montenegro. It originates in the Skadar lake and empties into the Adriatic. Bojana is renowned for its incredible beauty and the extraordinary fact that it simultaneously flows upstream and downstream. Due to its geographic makeup, the riverbed’s lower portion is about 36 kilometers above sea level. This creates a peculiar phenomenon where freshwater and saltwater mingle, causing a dual flow.

A Balkon Country with an Impressive Landscape

  • The 293 kilometers of coastline in Montenegro are home to 117 beaches. They come in rough, sandy, small, concealed, and gorgeous pink pebble varieties. The little nation’s visitors are inundated with options!
  • Five national parks cover 10% of the nation’s land area. One of the three remaining virgin forests in Europe, NP Biogradska Gora, is one of them.
  • The oldest olive tree in the world is called Stara Maslina, and it can be found in the town of Bar in southern Montenegro. The tree is almost 2,000 years old and is a beautiful landmark in a region famous for its hectares of exquisite olive groves. In fact, Bar is home to approximately 100,000 olive trees that are over a thousand years old!

The Ultimate Bird Watcher’s Destination

One of the largest bird reserves in Europe is found at Lake Skadar in Montenegro. It is a crucial destination for migratory birds and has approximately 270 bird varieties. The Dalmatian Pelicans are among the lake’s most well-liked wildlife, and visitors can travel in a traditional “un boat” to watch the birds. Expect to spot pygmy cormorants, storks, egrets, ibises, herons, falcons, and spectacular pelicans.

An abandoned salt plant is now home to an expanding group of flamingos farther down the shore. About 500 flamingos and up to 40,000 birds can be found at any given moment in the Ulcinjska Salinas, which was formerly the largest salt producer in the Mediterranean.

Pop Culture Facts About Montenegro

A Bond-Worthy Destination?

The 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale set its storyline in Montenegro. Although it was alleged that Montenegro was the destination where many of the scenes were filmed, the truth is Montenegro wasn’t used for any of the film’s shooting. The hotel and casino sequences were recorded at the Grandhotel Pupp in the Czech Republic, while the hospital scenes were actually filmed at Lake Como in Italy. However, this false press was great for the Balkan nation as hundreds of travelers decided to visit Montenegro on their next vacation. 

The Birthplace of a Star

Brad Pitt made his acting debut in The Dark Side of the Sun, filmed in Kotor. He received a total pay of $1,523 for his seven weeks of employment, but the nation must have left an imprint because, in 2010, he planned to take his then-wife Angelina Jolie to Montenegro to revisit his acting roots.

Historical Facts About Montenegro

There are so many interesting facts about Montenegro and its history that it’s impossible to fit them into one blog. Instead, you must visit Montenegro to see for yourself; however, here is a brief overview. 

A Colourful Past

Many empires have ruled over Montenegro over the years, and the country has undergone numerous political and social transformations. The Byzantine Empire, the Serbian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire were only a few kingdoms and empires that governed the area during the Middle Ages. The nation’s architecture, art, and culture still reflect the influence of past empires. After centuries of changing rulers, Montenegro is independent, but its distinctive culture and history make it an intriguing travel destination.

Four World Heritage Sites now call Montenegro their home, and the Gulf of Kotor and Durmitor National Park are the most popular destinations.

Culturally Interesting Facts About Montenegro

Montenegro will soon be part of Europe.

Despite not yet being a member of the European Union, Montenegro uses the euro as its official currency. Before transitioning to the German Mark in 2000, which became Euros in 2002, Montenegro used the Yugoslav dinar as its currency. This action was taken to maintain monetary stability and avoid hyperinflation. As a result, euros are a de facto currency without the European Central Bank’s consent. However, Montenegro is on track to join the EU by 2025. Euro coins and notes are not minted, issued, or printed in Montenegro. Instead, these come from other Eurozone nations that it imports.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

The varied culture of this Balkan nation is last on our list of interesting facts about Montenegro. There is a sharp contrast and something quite different from north to south. The Venetian history and impact are more pronounced on the northern coast, while the Ottoman influence on the southern coast is more pronounced. The nation embraces other religions and is one of the few countries where you can hear the adhan from the mosque and church bells ringing simultaneously.

Be Part of Montenegro’s Colourful Character with Royal Town Kotor

At Royal Town Kotor, our opulent serviced apartments will make you and your visitors feel at home. Also, with the growth of tourism, now is the time to buy property in Montenegro. We will handle every aspect of renting out your real estate in Montenegro, so unwind while we maximize your income with our all-inclusive rental management and service solutions. To learn more about our Montenegro business opportunities in real estate, contact us for comprehensive details about the Royal Town Kotor project.

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