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Following the incredible success of our Royal Blue Montenegro project, API Group is bringing a fantastic new complex to Montenegro: Royal Town Kotor. Whether you are looking to buy property in Montenegro or to rent in Montenegro, our premium development offers the height of luxury living in an unparalleled destination. Let’s explore the details of this exciting opportunity to invest in Montenegro, the splendor of this country, and the multitude of benefits you can get from buying real estate in Montenegro.  

Serviced Apartments Transform Montenegro Real Estate

Our Royal Town Kotor luxury serviced apartment complex provides guests with hotel-like amenities, including optional daily breakfast, cleaning service, well-equipped fitness facilities, poolside service, and a sizable infinity pool. The complex also offers fully furnished, roomy residences suitable for short-term and long-term stays.

The unique elements of our luxury serviced apartment experience are Balkan hospitality, leisure, gastronomy, culture, peace, and Montenegro’s notably stunning wildness. Regardless of which of our serviced apartments you choose, it will offer all the comforts you would expect from a home, including contemporary facilities, plush furnishings, sophisticated interior design, breathtaking landscape, vast living rooms, and accessible transportation. Also, it will include our comprehensive cleaning service.

One of the most crucial aspects of real estate investing is location because it significantly influences the likelihood that the value will increase. Because they are more in demand for both long-term and vacation rentals, houses by the seaside are a fantastic choice for buyers who want to experience coastal living or investors wishing to rent out properties at higher prices. Royal Town Kotor should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking a sound Montenegro real estate investment option because our serviced apartments are close to the breathtaking Kotor coast.

Montenegro is a Luxury Destination

This Balkan nation has redefined itself as a must-see location for wealthy tourists looking for an idyllic vacation, making it arguably the top luxury resort in all of Europe. Tourism rises as discerning travelers, celebrities, and modern jet-setters fall in love with its unspoiled beauty.

All the characteristics of a thriving destination for upmarket vacation may be found in Montenegro. Furthermore, it is desirable for expanding tourism due to its exceptional natural beauty, rich cultural legacy, closeness to the Adriatic Sea, and clement Mediterranean weather. As a result, Montenegro is one of the top tourist destinations, and the upscale Porto Montenegro draws high-class clientele. As a result, the Montenegro real estate market is benefiting from the effects of these factors.

Montenegro is recognized as a nation rich in natural diversity due to its numerous national parks, five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning nature parks, two marine protected areas, three Ramsar sites, and countless lakes. It also features authentic culinary experiences and a rich historical and multicultural past. However, its potential has yet to be entirely fulfilled, so it has a great opportunity of becoming a year-round luxury travel destination.

Invest in Montenegro

This enchanting Eastern European country has grown significantly in recent years, and all signs indicate more prosperity. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Montenegro is currently one of the most sought-after travel destinations in all of Europe. Moreover, there is a desirable market to invest in Montenegro due to the nation’s appeal to tourists, second-home buyers, and global nomads.

Notwithstanding recent global difficulties, Montenegro has maintained its reputation as a safe haven for investments. Every year, the Montenegro real estate market expands significantly as more investors select the country as a safe haven for their money. Moreover, many foreigners want to invest in Montenegro prospects because of its exceptional natural heritage, open economic system, and welcoming business environment.

Foreign investors can do well in Montenegro due to the regulatory environment. Both the income tax and the corporate tax are low. Finding a property to buy in Montenegro is straightforward, and foreigners can do so on the same terms as Montenegrins.

The 2019–2021 Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment program and Montenegro residence permit are two fantastic incentives the Montenegrin government has provided to overseas investors. Regardless of the property’s worth, simply having one qualifies you for a residency permit. In addition, you can seek permanent residency after holding onto the property for five years.

Royal Town Kotor is the Best Real Estate in Montenegro

Thanks to API Group, finding the ideal Montenegro property for sale has never been more straightforward. Royal Town Kotor is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a luxurious apartment in the perfect setting with breathtaking views and easy access to first-rate amenities. Investors worldwide may now find a luxury serviced apartment for sale in Montenegro. Montenegro real estate investment allows you to take advantage of this developing market with a potential for outstanding capital growth. Our eager team is ready to answer all of your questions, so contact us today to start a new chapter and invest in Montenegro.

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